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H49 – horizontal bore and dowel


The H49 is a horizontal point to point bore and dowel insertion machining center.

It is designed to CNC position the spindle, bore a hole, then CNC position the inserter, inject glue or water (for pre-glued dowels), and fire the dowel into the hole.

A part is placed into the work zone referencing the back and side fences. The green palm button is pressed and the clamps secure the part into place. The machining is now ready to begin in the work zone. There are 2 zones standard in the base model H-49 allowing for pendulum processing. While the one part is being machined, the other zone can be loaded and queued for machining.

HPJ-L – horizontal Lamello P-System machine


The HPJ-L is a horizontal CNC machining center that drills the pocket for Lamello’s P-System. This is used for glueless and clampless case construction in cabinet and/or furniture manufacturing.

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