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Vertical panel saws: Maximum cutting precision in minimum space

Our machines have always been designed to produce finished cut quality for immediate edgebanding. Exact, tear-free cutting for your parts with accuracy right down to 1/10th mm

10' Sliding table saw

Dimension of sliding table : 3200mm*405mm
Gross cut capacity : 3200mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence : 1350mm
Tilting saw blade : 0° - 45°
Tilting style : Manual
Maximum height of cut : 75mm(90°) 55mm(45°)
Maximum main saw blade size : 300mm*30mm
Scoring saw diameter : 120*20mm
Main power/Scoring power : 5.5Kw/0.75Kw
Speed of main saw spindle : 4500/5500rpm
Speed of scoring saw blade : 8300rpm
Net weight/Gross weight : 760KG/840KG
Main /Extension table size : 930*610mm/930*900mm&600*600mm
Overall dimensions : 3220*1150*1100mm

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